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Author: Rosana Martins de Oliveira Daher

In the course of learning the words to know better what the teacher does is Ron Ritchhart in the construction of cultures of thinking: “we create opportunities to participate to correct the misconception to deepen the exploration of her meaning, thinking, or learning opportunities”. Prioritize this idea began investigating the opportunities that were offered to the students of year 5 of the Santa Maria, with a focus on understanding and learning, not only resolution is important.

From that point on, investment in activities that provide the production of Mathematical Thinking, which will be used in generating new concepts for the same content and that some students identified difficulties.

The proposal came from solving problems, because they really enhance the construction of new knowledge. To make the task, we decided to mingle strategies of questions to identify different ways of thinking. “As I understand it? What are the ideas related? Describe how you did”. After the presentations and exchange of different arguments, we have created a team of solutions.

New learning, questions that include continuous monitoring helped to realize that we do not review the content, we are witnessing the processes that we use or not.

With this look directed to the processes, it was easier to activate a different repertoire, and therefore in conjunction with the monitor support, with the aim of developing the habit of student that presents the argument as a means to justify the response, we were able to increase conceptual understanding.

Finally, the students wrote on the cards that will be the next focus of the studies. Objectives how to read with more attention to the problems and challenges of accounts appeared in the panel room, giving light to the proposals.

The time spent with the new relationships, sistematizações and I realized that talking with a colleague, explaining his thinking, helped him to understand and absorb new ideas.

With this feature, in that the best results on the proposal to the students to write a text telling them about new discoveries, and attitudes to solve problems.

After this investigation of the ways of thinking students realize the importance of talk to share to write a Describe and explain mathematical ideas, and justified.

It is therefore more than just good results, which was great, it is to be able to create a favorable environment based on the monitoring of the progress of each student, where she was also able to evaluate their performance through asking questions and participation in re-thinking in the next steps.


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