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I’m going to tell you the story of the epic, which began in 1937 and only recently got to the final chapter.

In the photo studio in Broadway, the young prodigy of the radio and the stage , Orson Welles , still two years from making its debut in the cinema with Citizen Kane, lending a strong voice of the narrative documentary support of the pro-Republican Spanish Earth, directed by the Dutch Joris Ivens, written by Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos. At a certain point, and suggested deleting the two sentences of narration, the literary and redundant. Hemingway the sworn cast of “queer” and pulled the battle that ended the film by John Ford, with the prospect of noisy etílica.

In that day, to the face of the wide vanity of the author, and noticed a strong gay macheza, note that will serve as the basis in the 1960s, to scenario the secret of the beasts (animals) of the director’s death in order to bullfighting, which is enchanted, platonicamente, great “leaders”. In the following scenario, a new title, the other side of the wind (the other side of the wind), there’s already an actor, John Dale discovered the torture once deified director named Jake Hannaford.

Hannaford was more common from wells of parody of Hemingway. Also returning to Hollywood after autoexílio ten years in Europe, seeks to regain his lost status art project, an ambitious, entitled The other side of the wind. Wells always denied that Hannaford was not the ego. The similarities, however, there was.

Wells returned to Hollywood in the early 1970s. The plot of the rentrée of the film in one day and don’t plan to run everything in eight weeks. It will take six years. The bulk of the work if desenrolaria in celebration of 70 years of Hannaford, explained director John Huston. In the case of sugar, Hannaford to die in a car accident the next morning.

“The film is about what?” Asked Houston old cupincha Wales. “Is the director’s bastard (“illegitimate” in the original text) is a film about the United States, John,” explained Wells. As to the meaning of the title, and comic rich little, one of the extras from the birthday party, he was first to ask. “I have not the slightest idea,” said Wales.

With low budget, some of the locations (a rented house in Carefree, Arizona corner in the back of the MGM), and a bunch of former friends and collaborators in the cast, and began shooting on 23 August 1970. From start to finish, a tremendous frenzy. Wells ” s writing scenes and dialogue. Today, while the export was not selfless, team requests are always urgent and it is not uncommon, extravagant, that all the idolaters of the boss, if esfalfavam to serve you.

Frank Marshall future product blockbusters such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and back to the future), it was all from the exit; it even launched (and returned) several times. Most dedicated Rookie Team Director of photography Gary record only to the beginning of the project when it was already to die in 2006.

Holiday is the piece de resistance of the film. Separate show for movie buffs, with many of the directors –Norman Foster, Peter Bogdanovich, Paul Mazurski, Claude Chabrol, Dennis Hopper, Henry Jaglom Curtis Harrington – the discussion of the fate of the film industry and representatives of veterans such as Edmond O’brien and Paul Stewart more actresses Susan Strasberg (in the role of a tart inspired by Pauline Kyle), Lily Palmer (a version of brunette Marlene Dietrich), Stephanie Aston and Mercedes McCambridge.


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