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Bogdanovich and the cast shortly after the release of his first experience as a director, the last movie of the session and didn’t miss the chance tietar to the sword. Cast embody the press stupid, to do the double with the critic Joseph McBride in the role of an academic stuck to the unit, Bogdanovich ended up rewarded with the character of Brooks Otterlake, a young director, in the confines of Hannaford, which was threatened, Margo Channing, Eve Harrington in the film.

Between 1971 and 1973, and accept all what is offered to him, as an actor and celebrity, to cover the costs of the endless and on the other side of the wind. Make movies and recorded TV ads (USD 10,000 fee per day), and Long John Silver, vilanesco pirate from a copy of Treasure Island that footage allows you to see two of the representative German is willing to invest in the project.

Hard hitting legal and Financial, the other side of the wind is still not over when Wells died in 1985. Then I took one of the most afincados collaborative efforts in the history of cinema, led by Bogdanovich, Frank Marshall Filip Jan Rymsza (that rummaged through the red tape of Wales, preserved in the University of Michigan), Bob Murawski (the Oscar for the war on terrorism). Until last year, I don’t know how much of the filmed material in fact has survived. More than a thousand boxes of goods, containing nearly 100 hours of footage found in Paris in the excellent state of preservation. Only the soundtrack, it also treats student thinking additional.

To keep this inconvenience, we have created a group of investors led by Beatrice Wells (daughter of Orson), Croatian actress Oja Kodar (the widow of the director and co-writer in the film) Iranian Mehdi Boushehri, daughter-in-law of the Shah Reza Pahlavi. The last full movie Orson Welles was finally ready. No time to go to Cannes, but Venice Festival Telluride. Checked-yesterday at the New York Film Festival. Next month will come to Netflix that the funds invested in the last months of departure.

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