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Rita Gallant*

A simple object, this is also a game for kids learning songs, poems, in addition to the many physical challenges for children of early childhood education

As I wrote in another rope in the backyard: the challenges and discoveries of childhood , and the arts team began the year with the challenge to immerse yourself in the universe of requirements that the Yard has to offer. The story is that the children can experience a place where art was alive and vibrant and it was compelling. Place through the experience of play and share them with the teachers pay attention to the playing with purpose, discovery, awakening, and stimulating skills and why not? – Stop this.

Move on to other challenges: jump and hit. Opening hymn We always resume the balance of the coffin, we passed through the exploitation of spatial levels, so we get a jump rope. We, as educators, we have started between us a joke children scattered across the yard, comes to some, all the time. Forming lines so that every one jumped, while the teachers beat to the rhythm of the rope.

Gradually, introduzíamos songs and the kids went to conquer the growing skills: jump once, jump twice, jump and sing at the same time, to give advice to those who still have doubts, ask your friend what song he wanted to celebrate the achievements with, and evaluation of queue management system. Some children don’t feel safe to. So sugeríamos that experience to hit a cord with teachers. It was a great discovery! Hit the string, they felt the rhythm and understood the circular.


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You will be the rope?

What happened in the following months was something very inspiring: even when we were leading the new proposals, the children always asked if the rope, therefore, was to take care of the yard. There was now no longer necessary that the two struck a cord, because the children have organized themselves. Co-management process: from the battery to the cord that pularia, who would sing, in addition to the care of the order queue of the common rules that needs to be done.

Jumping in pairs and even in threes. After a while, appeared to insecurity on the jump, with the help of friends, began in the fall. Many achievements have occurred natural independently. A student has invented the chant, the girl has focused the song “a man knocked on the door”, and the other two were focused on hitting the rope that the teachers who began to return there, they were able to log back in the game.

Rope rhythm

The rope was a gamble, very glad for the moments of our backyard. In addition to exploring dynamic balance, because there are songs with the challenges, how to “skip with one foot only”, “put your hand on the ground”, “take rodadinha” the rope also requires equity, enabling the investigation of spatial scales, preferably the rhythm of the team play. It also makes sure that the child can autoperceber, even if he was still unconscious. Gradually, control the pace of the group to, and you will be fit. This design, with the passage of time, will be extended to the post joke of the rope and you will be a strong foundation of dance.

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withso many developments

Cord filled our backyard songs, the laughter, the hair is well rythmed and joined to the will of the breath and voice of all children around the same goal. At the end of the first half, took other forms: has been turned into zip lines strung in the trees turned into a swing with the tire large spiral on the ground, it was part of the vast network that was created in the yard, I believe that wove the other stories.

All of this developed with little interference from teachers of Art, who had acted as facilitators of the process control is very active. Thus the rope was taking other directions in order to test the children through their desire to get the real experience of the relationship cord with the backyard. Hopefully in the holidays the kids skip a lot and the other backyards, with many of the strings and the other of a thousand ways to explore them.

* Rita Gallant professor of Dance College of Siddhartha in Cotia (SP)

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